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The Use of

Framery O

Framery O is the ideal space to take quick phone and video calls at the office. The original soundproof office phone booth.

World-class soundproofing

Framery O’s speech level reduction of 30dB has earned it one of the industry’s top ISO 23351-1 ratings for office phone booths.

Optimized office phone booth

A compact all-you-need office phone booth

Speech privacy assured Optimized work lighting Two table options: regular or wide table Height-adjustable stool (optional)

"The office phone booth stands as a haven within the bustling workspace, offering a quiet retreat for focused conversations and undisturbed calls. With its sleek design and soundproof walls, it transforms into a private oasis, ensuring confidentiality and productivity. Whether it's a quick client call or a strategic discussion, the office phone booth provides a dedicated space, enhancing communication efficiency in the dynamic office environment."

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