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Atelier 21 KSA is thrilled to share the success of our work with Dr. Suhaila Clinic in Bahrain, where we undertook a transformative design project in the healthcare sector. Charged with creating a healing environment, our design team meticulously curated a space that seamlessly shows functionality with aesthetics. The design solutions implemented at Dr. Suhaila Clinic reflect our deep understanding of healthcare dynamics, ensuring not only a visually pleasing ambiance but also an efficient and patient-centric setting. From waiting areas to examination rooms, our designs prioritize both the well-being of patients and the workflow of medical professionals. Dr. Suhaila Clinic case study represent Atelier 21 KSA's commitment to elevating healthcare spaces through thoughtful and purposeful design. We take pride in contributing to the healing journey of patients by creating environments that prioritize comfort, efficiency, and overall well-being.

Chic Chair

Christophe Pillet has designed a chair that is light, elegant and refined to the smallest detail. The delicate cross-section and compact shape are noteworthy. This makes the Chic model ideal for café areas, restaurants, hotels or relaxation zones in office buildings.


Night vs Day